U.S. Sen. Doug Jones looking forward to debating the issues with Tommy Tuberville in 2020 campaign


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Tommy Tuberville emerged from a crowded Republican field to win the party nomination for a U.S. Senate bid and now he faces a well-funded incumbent who says he’s looking forward to the campaign ahead.

Incumbent US Senator Doug Jones is bidding for a full six-year term after winning a special election in 2017. Filling the vacated seat for former Senator Jeff Sessions. Jones, who defeated Roy Moore in the 2017 election,

Jones expressed confidence Wednesday. He said Tuesday’s low voter turnout showed a lack of voter enthusiasm for both Republican candidates. Jones said his 2017 victory over Roy Moore showed that when a Democrat had the resources to get a message out, he won.

Jones’ 2017 victory was in a special election, not with a presidential race on the ballot as there will be in November. That means voter turnout will be higher this time. But Jones said his record in the Senate is what he’ll run on. He expects name-calling, but he says his campaign will be ready. Tuberville spoke about Jones after his victory Tuesday night.

“Democrat Doug Jones is running for reelection, with the slogan of ‘One Alabama.’ Well, you can make no mistake about it, what Doug really means is one liberal Alabama,” Tuberville said.

“I can’t help the fact that the Republican primary has been so divided and so partisan, but the fact is you can’t slap a label on somebody like they try to do with every Democrat that runs for office,” Jones said during an interview with WHNT News 19 Wednesday. “Now, I’ve got a record that I’m proud of, and the people of Alabama are proud of, and we’re going to be looking at those issues and talking about those issues.

“We truly represent One Alabama, whether its farmers, whether it’s the defense industry, and the military-industrial complex up there in Huntsville. With all I’ve done on the Armed Services Committee, to teachers and educators, and especially been an advocate for rural health and broadband across the State of Alabama.”

Jones has reported raising at least $11 million over the past 18 months.

Jones said he wants the people of Alabama to know he’s had their backs during the battles over the budget, health care, defense spending and the COVID-19 crisis. Jones said he’s loyal to Alabama, not a particular president, and that it’s not about party labels, but about who will best represent Alabama

Jones offered some criticism of Tuberville, who, he said, moved from Florida to Alabama to run for the Senate seat, and to explicitly help President Trump.

 Jones said the current public health crisis has shown the country needs effective leadership and he urged the public to listen to medical experts, not politicians.

Jones said he is looking forward to the campaign.

“I’m looking forward to a spirited debate and I hope it’s going to be a debate on the issues,” Jones said. “We haven’t seen any of that in the Republican primary thus far. I hope we can debate on the issues, what’s going on in the country right now, with a health care crisis, an economic crisis.

“The work that I’ve done in the Senate to help us pull out of that – the work that we still have planned between now, and November, to do that. And all the issues facing Alabamians, their kitchen table issues, from the economy to their health care, you name it. Those are the things that I think people will want to hear about and talk about between now and November.”

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