U.S. Army Launches America’s Army Comics App

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America’s Army Comics have been online since 2009, but now you can get them with a tap on your iPad or Android tablet.

The America’s Army website offered three editions of the comic, but hope to expand to at least six on the app.

The first issue, Knowledge Is Power, follows a rookie and his commanding officer into combat.

“The comic focuses on the American soldier. It highlights everything from the struggles he faces while deployed to the support he receives back home,” said Jay Olive, with Army Games Studio.

The creators see the comic as more than just entertainment, but as an educational tool.

“Besides Hollywood there aren’t a lot of ways for people to learn about the army,” said Olive. “When people think about the army they may only think about an infantry person. This allows them to understand there are different things they can do in the army.”

The America’s Army Comics app is free in the Apple iTunes store and Google Play.

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