Two north Alabama men continue cross-country peace walk following setbacks


TUSCUMBIA, Ala. — When News 19 first introduced you to cousins British Malone and Avery Johnson, the two had walked from Pensacola, Florida to Decatur as part of a peace walk to Vancouver, Washington.

“2020 was rough,” Malone said. “2021 hasn’t started out much better, so we’re doing the peace walk to bring the nation back together.”

However, the men remained in Alabama for much of February until this past Sunday because of unexpected challenges.

“We stopped because we had a death in the family,” Malone said. “Stopped again because of the Fultondale tornado.”

Malone said he wanted to give Fultondale residents time to recover after the storm before returning to continue the walk.

The two experienced a third delay because of February’s winter storm.

“Actually, the roads were closed over in the Limestone area,” Malone said. “So we had to stop, wait until the storm passed by and then we started the walk up again.”

With the walk back on, Malone and Johnson said they are determined to finish—rain or shine.

News 19 caught up with them in Tuscumbia on Sunday; they were heading west on Highway 72 and had stopped for lunch.

If all goes according to plan, the walk should take five to six months, however, Malone said it might take longer—but not in a negative way.

“It was crazy how many people are stopping us, ‘hey, can we buy you a meal, do y’all need anything?’ People stopped and just—’hey, can we pray with you?’ Yeah, you most certainly can come out and come pray with us.”

Only two states in and Malone and Johnson are already seeing the impact of their walk for peace and unity.

You can follow the two on their journey on Facebook and Instagram. There is also a GoFundMe page for those who would like to offer financial support.

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