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GILES COUNTY, Tenn. – Cats have been suffering in the rural areas of Giles and Lawrence Counties. Between the two counties, there is only one cat rescue, Lucky’s Cat House, out of Petersburg, Tennessee.

The rescue has been called multiple times to “cat hoarding” situations.

Jacklyn Payne, Director of Operations at Lucky’s Cat House says this isn’t the first time she received a call about cats being hoarded, last February News 19 reported a similar incident in the same county.

Since then all cats from last February have been adopted and have found a home.

This past week, the cat rescue received another call of cat hoarding at a residence after receiving a tip from a local paper.

Their latest rescue came from a couple who had previously asked for help, “an elderly couple and they did reach out for help, but because help is not readily available in the area they didn’t receive the help that they asked for,” according to Payne.

Because help is so scarce, many people in the low income and rural areas have to rely on cat rescues, “animal shelters don’t take cats, what we’ve come to realize is that they think there is no need, but there is, there really is.”

Lucky’s Cat House operates as a non-profit organization that strongly runs off the support of volunteers, donations, and the help of surrounding animal control.

There are no resources for cats in this area, animal shelters do not accept cats,” Payne said about people reaching out for help, “people dump them and people find that they can not feed something that walks up to their front porch.”

Payne says that taking care of a cat is much more than just feeding it. According to her one of the best ways to prevent a cat hoarding situation is to spay and neuter your cats.

If you would like to help or donate you can go to their Facebook and learn more information.