Two Busts in Morgan County Yield Guns, Drugs and Fake Money

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It was a busy night for Morgan County Deputies, as two busts yield guns, marijuana, prescription drugs, a counterfeit money operation and four arrests.

First deputies executed a search warrant at a home on 19th Avenue in southeast Decatur just before midnight.  They obtained the warrant after several successful undercover drug purchases.

While searching the home, deputies found a large amount of marijuana, prescription drugs and loaded firearms.  They also discovered counterfeit bills, along with the equipment used to make the fake money.

Deputies arrested Steve Shackleford at the scene.  They say he is a known drug felon with prior trafficking charges in Louisiana.  He now faces federal charges with the Secret Service, Postal Service and DEA.

Deputies say there will likely be additional charges against other people involved in the investigation.

Deputies then moved to a second drug bust that came as a result of a several month long investigation.  They raided an apartment in the Cedar Key Apartment Complex on Cedar Lake Road in southwest Decatur.

Deputies arrested Adam Wade Henderson, Nicholas Armor and Skyler Weirer for possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.