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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — An Alabama restaurant owner recalled memories from Kobe Bryant’s stop in Tuscaloosa in 2018 after learning about the death of the NBA star, husband, and father.

Bryant came to Tuscaloosa in 2018 to visit members of the University of Alabama football team. He also enjoyed a meal at the Full Moon restaurant in Tuscaloosa.

Brian Ahmed, the owner of the Full Moon restaurant in Tuscaloosa, said, “I can not emphasize enough what a great, kind, and humble guy he was when he was here visiting us. He spoke with our staff and our managers and our guests in the dining room before and after his meal and he was just a very very kind and friendly guy and you would not think he is a superstar.”

Ahmed said the staff was just excited to be able to share some southern cooking with the legendary player.

“Of all the places he’s been and all the things he’s done and for him to be so excited to be here visiting Alabama football and Tuscaloosa was a great experience for all of us, and I’m sure the players really enjoyed that experience too,” said Ahmed.

The owner and others were saddened to learn of Bryant’s passing Sunday and offered prayers to his family.

“I could not believe it, such a young age, 41 years old and just a horrible shock,” Ahmed continued. “I mean all we can do is send our condolences and our prayers to that family and all those families that were impacted.”

A photo of Bryant and Ahmed can be found on the wall of the restaurant. Bryant also signed a restaurant t-shirt that is still in a case at the business.