Tuberville, Space Command general affirm plans of move to Alabama


WASHINGTON D.C. – In one of his first remarks in the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Tommy Tuberville made his case that putting the U.S. Space command in north Alabama will be the right move.

The issue has previously caused controversy surrounding its announced move from Colorado just before former President Trump left office.

Tuberville echoes what many other Alabama congressional members have said before, weeks after he visited and spoke at Redstone Arsenal.

“Alabama and Redstone Arsenal are ready for Space Command, but many people in this room probably don’t understand Redstone,” Sen. Tuberville said. “Redstone has been involved with space operations for 70 years. NASA’s only facility on a military base is the Marshall Space Flight Center. The largest consumer of space products is the U.S. Army and Army Missile Command and has been at Redstone Arsenal since it was established in 1962. Space technology won’t just be developed by the government to outpace China and Russia – which is going to be a challenge – we need private industry. The area around Redstone boasts 800 suppliers and contractors building the very latest in space technology.”

Tuberville and the commander of the Space Command General James Dickinson asked about the 60 percent civilian workforce that would be needed for the Space Command’s move.

“As we look as we look to the future, you know, we are, we are absolutely looking at incentives that we can provide to our civilian workforce,” Gen. Dickinson said. “They are absolutely the bedrock of the command today and in the future. We’ll look at how we can try to incentivize our civilian workforce in terms of making the move to Alabama.”

When it comes to Alabama politicians, the issue has had a bipartisan view. Democratic Senator Doug Jones, who was defeated by Tuberville in the 2020 elections, is a strong proponent for the move as well.

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