Tuberville & Sessions finding ways to campaign for July runoff despite COVID-19


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Not long after former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville and former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions were set to runoff for a chance to face Democratic Senator Doug Jones, the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly took both campaigns off the road.

“We’ve doubled down, tripled down on being able to use social media and radio interviews. Using conference calls and television interviews. I’ve done national interviews from my living room,” said Sessions.

“He’s been on Fox News all the time. Which is fine. If I got to go on Fox News to defend myself, I don’t want to bee on there. I want to go on and be positive. I don’t want to be negative,” said Tuberville.

Following a primary victory, despite being in the middle of a pandemic, Tuberville’s been busy.

“I haven’t slowed down. First of all, we had tornadoes. I went out and helped with tornado relief in Houston County and Chilton County. They had floods up in Guntersville. Went and helped there,” said Tuberville.

Both Sessions and Tuberville have published various letters over the last few days. Tuberville demanded Session apologize for lying about allegedly not begging President Trump to be U.S. attorney general. This comes as the President claims Session asked several times, something Session claims never happened.

This week Sessions penned an open letter to Alabama, explaining why he recused himself from the Russia Inquiry. President Trump and Tuberville have both used the situation against Sessions.

“My opponent says that (recusal) is weakness. I don’t think it’s weak to do the right thing,” said Sessions.

The former U.S. attorney general and Alabama senator claims he recused himself because he spent his life respecting the law and felt he had to follow it. Session also says he was advised to do so.

Being off the physical campaign trail begs the question, has fundraising been challenging?

“It really helped when President Trump came out and endorsed me. A lot of his friends are calling. People are calling to help,” said Tuberville.

President Trump has also sent mailers to voters encouraging donations to Tuberville’s campaign.

“He never supported President Trump. Never gave a dime to his campaign. Never endorsed him. Never said a nice word about him. Now he claims to be the biggest Trump supporter in the world,” said Sessions.

When asked about priorities moving forward, as it related to COVID-19, Tuberville emphasized improving technology and healthcare while Sessions appears to be laser focused on China and immigration reform.

The runoff election is July 14.

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