Trying to warm up your car? You probably don't need to anymore


Shot of a woman sweeping snow off her car window

It’s a habit that’s been passed down generations – idling your car to warm it up on a cold day.

Since the 1990s, most modern cars have fuel injectors, meaning your car will likely warm up within 30 seconds.

Letting cars warm-up goes back to the days where most vehicles had carburetors. Back then, the process was necessary to get the proper mix of air and fuel to the engine and could take several minutes.

But thanks to the transition to fuel injectors, there’s not a dire need to warm most cars up anymore

However, experts do suggest taking some precautions when preparing to drive in cold weather:

  • Turn your car on and warm it up for about thirty seconds.
    • If ice and/or snow are present, this will allow you enough time to clear off your windows and windshield, ensuring nothing is restricting your view.
  • This also includes defogging your windshield, which will take you a few seconds as well.

Experts say that idling your car uses a lot of gas, pollutes the environment, and can wear down your engine.

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