MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — President Joe Biden will make a stop in Troy on May 3 to visit the Lockheed Martin Facility that makes Javelin missiles. Ukraine is using those weapons to defend itself from Russian attacks.

Troy residents say they’re proud to see Lockheed Martin’s contributions to Ukraine, but their feelings are mixed when it comes to President Biden’s upcoming visit.

“Biden’s not one of my people, I’ll be honest with you,” Troy resident Charles Duncan said.

“I think it’s really neat that the President of the United States is going to be coming to Troy,” Troy University student Zach Maio said.

Those we spoke with do agree that Lockheed Martin’s missile manufacturing is a good thing for Troy and the United States.

“Those missiles are something else. Russia may be here if we didn’t have them to turn them away, so I’m thankful for it every day,” Duncan said.

The Javelin missiles produced at the Troy plant received attention when a photo went viral showing them stamped with “Troy, Alabama.”

That prompted Gov. Kay Ivey to tweet that she wants “the last thing Putin ever reads to be ‘Made in Alabama.'”

Hugh Finley, a former Operations Captain for the Security Force at Lockheed Martin, shared more about the missile.

“It is beyond the realm of most people’s knowledge as to what it is capable of doing. And how it is controlled, fire and control. Fire the missile and forget it, it controls itself. That technology has enhanced the position of security in this country beyond most peoples’ belief,” Finley explained.

Gov. Ivey will not meet with the president when he visits the facility next week. Her communications director said she has prior commitments.