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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – Prosecutors and defense attorneys made their opening arguments today in the trial of Byron Keith Shirey who’s accused of the brutal beating death of his father in Dutton.

It took two years for the then 58-year-old Shirey to be charged with the brutal murder of his father Charles Shirey at his home on County Road 372. On the morning of May 24, 2017, Shirey called 911 and told the operator that his father’s lifeless body was on the floor. 

Shirey, who lived in a home adjacent to his father’s, told investigators he discovered his father’s body after 5:30 a.m. He says he drove to his father’s home because he didn’t see the lights on as he normally does in the morning. 

Investigators say that Bryon Keith Shirey was allowed to leave the scene because of a lack of evidence. After a two-year investigation, in September of 2019, Shirey was charged with beating his father to death. 

Shirey was arrested without incident and released on a $250,000 bond.  

One person familiar with the family who declined to comment on camera said that there may have been a dispute over money but that is unconfirmed. 

The trial resumes on Wednesday morning.