Traditional war machines star alongside futuristic concepts at AUSA

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – You can find warfare virtualized and digitized, but you can still find all the traditional trappings of human conflict at the AUSA Symposium and Exposition.

Nammo’s Mark Trexler shows off shoulder-launch weapons systems. Milton Manufacturing’s Jeff Benton shows an MATV variant — a troop transporter.

It’s important to remember that for all the consumer grade technology we find adapted, we also find incredibly powerful weapons.

Trexler picks up a particularly menacing looking round, “This is an anti-structural round that’s fired in the A9. It’s used very much by SOCOM.”

Some of them already dot modern battlefields.

Trexler adds, “All these systems have been used in Afghanistan and Iraq. They’re all made for the squad soldier.”

Others aim for the next series of battlefields.

Benton points to the MATV he’s brought, “This would be considered a prototype vehicle.”

But like all the experimental systems, this show is about showing off what you can do for soldiers.

Trexler elaborates, “The whole purpose of shows like this is to introduce products that the soldiers are already using but the general officers or the commanders may not totally be aware of or their capability.”

Benton adds, “There’s only so many Powerpoints and PDF’s and documents you can provide to somebody. It’s a lot easier to bring them down to a show like this and physically show them that capability.”

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