Tracking Zeta – Impacts Felt In the Tennessee Valley Wednesday & Thursday


Tropical Zeta tied the record for the most named tropical systems on record. We had the same number in 2005. The system enters the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday and moves closer to the Gulf Coast by midweek. The system will likely be a Category 1 Hurricane in Gulf of Mexico if not sooner.

Intensity guidance brings Zeta to hurricane status in the next 12-24 hours then weakens the system back to a tropical storm as it moves across the southeast Wednesday and Thursday.

Hurricane Status Soon

Rip currents will be a major issue along the Gulf Coast along with wind and rain. A higher risk for rip currents is expected Tuesday into Wednesday for Alabama and Florida beaches.

Forecast wind gusts will be around hurricane force late Wednesday. 

For the Tennessee Valley, rain is likely Wednesday into Thursday with wind gusts up to 40 mph. The track of Zeta will play a big factor on how much rain we get. If we are on the right side, we will see much more. There could be a big discrepancy on rain totals from the Shoals to Sand Mountain with this system. 

Lesser Totals To the West With An Eastward Track

Check back for further updates with Tropical Storm Zeta. The track and intensity will change and that impacts what we get around here.

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