Tracking Technology Works To Keep Kids Safe

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In Brownsburg, Indiana schools, a new system is being used to track every bus – and almost everything that happens on them. The high tech tracking technology monitors mileage, idle time and speed – even the action of the doors.

“It’s telling us where all the school buses are in what street or what location they’re at in a real time basis,” explained Jon King, C-E-O of Carmel, Indiana-based Synovia Solutions.

King’s system is not only protecting children. Brownsburg schools said the new technology also protects the bus drivers – since parents sometimes claim buses are skipping stops or not showing up.

The program is also being used to keep police departments accountable – tracking gas milage, how fast a car is traveling or how long the engine is idle with the air conditioning on. The added data allows departments to increase efficiencies and potentially save taxpayers money.

For more information on Synovia Solutions and its bus tracking technology, check out this recent report in the Indianapolis Star.

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