BRUSH, Colo. (KDVR) — A tornado touched down in northeastern Colorado on Wednesday as severe weather moved through the area, and it was all caught during a live television broadcast.

Storm chaser Nathan Moore captured the video of the tornado along Highway 71, south of Interstate 76 near Brush.

“This is our first visual confirmation of a tornado on the ground,” said Dave Fraser, Chief Meteorologist at Nexstar’s KDVR.

The tornado was confirmed at 5:55 p.m. about 6 miles east of Gary, or 14 miles southwest of Akron, according to the National Weather Service, and was reported to be moving north at 30 mph.

The NWS said there were no reports of any damage.

Fraser described the tornado as a landspout, which the NWS described as “a tornado that does not arise from organized storm-scale rotation and therefore is not associated with a wall cloud (visually) or a mesocyclone (on radar). Landspouts typically are observed beneath Cbs or towering cumulus clouds (often as no more than a dust whirl), and essentially are the land-based equivalents of waterspouts.”

A tornado warning was in effect in the area through 6:15 p.m.

Tornado warnings were frequent throughout Wednesday in northeast Colorado, including in parts of the metro in Arapahoe and Douglas counties and on the Eastern Plains.

Hail that was pounding parts of the metro was moving out to the plains by the early evening.