Tornado debris still stretches for miles in Town Creek

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TOWN CREEK, Ala. -- Monday marks one week since the deadly storms that rocked many parts of north Alabama. At last report, the National Weather Service confirmed that seven tornadoes touched down in the northern part of the state.

The aftermath of destruction is still visible in Town Creek. Volunteers have come from far and wide, but so much help is still needed.

"You can't tell by looking around me here or what we're standing in here, but there's been a lot of progress made as far as cleaning up," said Town Creek Police Chief Jerry Garrett.

Volunteers spent the past week organizing the debris that stretched miles along the tornado's path. Personal items were the first thing to be carefully collected.

"We're trying to salvage as much of that as we can and keep it all together," Garrett said.

Large piles of debris were made and trees were sawed into parts so they could be carried away. On Monday the first dumpster was dropped off to start loading the debris so it could all be hauled away.

Chief Garrett said it will likely be later this week when the ground will be dry enough for bigger machines to move and start moving the remainder of the debris.

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