Defensive Gun Safety: A Taking Action Investigation

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Arming yourself with a gun – Right now that’s a top priority for a lot of Americans for a variety of reasons, one of which is terror attacks abroad and at home. But if an active shooting situation were to present itself, would you be prepared and would you be successful?

Self-defense expert Cameron Bucy says if you only practice down range training, it’s a false sense of security.

“When those bad things happen, and it’s the first time it’s happened,” said Bucy, “You are most likely going to fail.”

Bucy is the Director of Self Defense Solutions in Madison County. He’s an expert in his field and knows first-hand the importance of defensive gun training. His goal is to make people understand that they have to change their mindset.

“This is where you have to get out of the concept that everything is always going to be in front of you,” said Bucy. “It may be left and right, it may be behind you.”

Investigative Reporter Carrie Marchese took Bucy’s defensive gun safety class, and learned a lot. The biggest takeaway: The skills needed to properly protect yourself and others can’t be learned standing still and shooting and a stationary target.

That doesn’t mean handling a gun regularly and doing range training isn’t smart. It just means it may not be enough in a high stress situation where an armed bad guy is chasing you down.

Alabama does not require gun training completion in order to own a gun or to gain a concealed carry permit. But why not consider taking the extra step?

“In the real world you should be moving and you should be finding cover, you may even have to reload,” said Bucy.

Things we may not be thinking about, when we leave the house armed with a gun. That is — until it’s too late.

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