Tips For Reviving An Older Smartphone

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If your smartphone is looking a little dead – running a bit slow – a little love and attention could bring it back to top form for the new year.

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Step one? Review all of the applications on your phone.

Jessica Dolcourt, a Senior Editor with CNET, said most people probably use a lot fewer apps than they have installed on the phone. "Those apps take up space," Dolcourt added, "Especially if you have notifications or alerts running in background."

Delete apps you're not using. If you find you really miss them, you can always reinstall them again.

Most people also collect a lot of texts, emails and photos on smartphones in the course of a year. Make sure to edit those as well.

"They're not really running down your battery," explained Dolcourt, "But you might find that you want to get rid of them and you'll have a lot more space for other things that you do use and listen to like apps and music."

Also try clearing out your cache and browsing history. As for the outside of your device? Try using a disinfecting wipe to refresh the surface of your smartphone and get rid of germs. You might also invest in a colorful case to spruce things up appearance-wise. They can also be functional - preventing damage in the event of a major drop!

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