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ALTHA, Fla. (WMBB) — The threat of the Chipola Complex wildfires led volunteers to travel back to the Panhandle and help a local veteran move her wolf-dogs to a safer place.

Back in January, News 13 told the story about a TikTok-famous group, called Pack 22 Alpha, helping an Altha veteran, Dawn, renovate her wolf-dog enclosures.

Now, Dawn needs the group more than ever, and Pack 22 Alpha came back to the Panhandle to help.

Many local volunteers joined in, too.

About two dozen people helped move at least 40 wolf-dogs and other animals overnight to a safer spot.

“Within 48 hours, people from all over the county, veterans and veteran groups from all over the country started coming to the table,” Pack 22 Alpha leader Drew Robertson said. “It’s something we hadn’t seen yet. And you know, they did it for the little small town of Altha that a lot of people haven’t heard of yet.”

The animals are now in kennels at one of the Pack 22 Alpha member’s houses in Marianna.

The group is looking for a place to stage out new kennels at the property director’s home.