Tiffany Brooks wins $319 for her classroom at Arab Junior High School

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – This Marshall County teacher’s love of math adds up to a happy classroom.

Tiffany Brooks teaches sixth-grade math at Arab Junior High School.

The principal says she is a shining asset to the school.

“She is very positive every day! She loves her students and she loves our school.”

Principal Mark Edwards says he stops by to see his beloved sixth-grade math teacher often.

“She makes my job easier and cheers me up. The students really love being in her class,” said Edwards.

One of her prize pupils, Layla, wrote in to nominate Brooks.

Tiffany Brooks was thrilled to be nominated to win $319 for her class.

“I am on top of the world, it is wonderful. I am very shocked. I am very honored. I could start crying at any minute but I am very thankful,” said Mrs. Brooks.

Mrs. Brooks says she aims to have a positive impact.

“You do this and you hope you touch their lives but you are not for sure so it just makes you feel like what you are doing really matters,” said Brooks.

I asked Mrs. Brooks what she wants her students to take from her class.

“Do the best they can in everything whether it be math, science, history, just in life be the best they can be.”

Meteorologist Ben Smith shared some of Layla’s words in the nomination.

“You are very patient, kind, fair, and loving,” said Ramay.

“I try to be,” said Brooks.

“Thank you very much for nominating me and that means a lot and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you!” said Brooks.

Mrs. Brooks was close to tears on the recognition.

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