Three dogs dead, 2 missing, 1 recovering after suspected poisoning in Dekalb County


DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – Along County Road 414 which borders Etowah County, several dogs have either died or gone missing over the course of a week.

One family lost 3 dogs and in the process of locating the remains, they located a plate of dog food that had a granular substance sprinkled on the food.

“Somebody was evil to come on my property and put poison out,” said one man who didn’t want to be named.

One of the deceased dogs was sent to a state veterinary facility in Boaz and then was subsequently sent to Auburn University for more testing. Results are pending.

“We thought it had been hit by a car and damaged inside because there was nothing visible,” said one family member when they discovered the first deceased dog in their field. The paper plate with dog food was found not far away in a tree line.

The family that lost three dogs is not alone, their neighbor may also be a victim.

“Two of them (dogs) didn’t come back. One came back and was sick.”

The stretch of road where this happened is very rural. There’s less than a handful of residents. Many of whom have dogs and say they are on good terms with each other.

While losing one pet is hard, losing three in a week is hard to even fathom for the residents on County Road 414.

“Her name was Christmas. She was like a human in a dog body. When I talked to her, she’d look me in the eye. I could say go to the porch. She would go to the porch,” said one family member.

A reward is being considered by one family. If you have any information that could point law enforcement in the right direction, call the DeKalb County Sheriff’s office at 256-845-3801 or email All information will be kept anonymous.

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