Thousands sign petition calling on states to end Robert E. Lee Day


Martin Luther King Jr and Robert E Lee

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As the country prepares to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it appears thousands are signing an online petition to end another holiday that falls on the same day.

Care2, a mission-based global network, has created a petition calling on Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, and Mississippi to end Robert E. Lee Day. Both Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Robert E. Lee Day are celebrated on the third Monday in January.

The petition says Florida and Arkansas celebrate Robert E. Lee Day, just not on MLK Jr. Day.

As of 11 a.m. Tuesday, the website says the petition has received over 13,000 signatures with a goal of 14,000.

The petition reads:

“Those who laud Robert E. Lee as an American hero claim that he and the Confederacy were simply fighting for states’ rights, and while there may be an inkling of truth to that, the fact is they were specifically fighting for states’ rights to own black people as property.”

You can find the petition at

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