Thousands of motorcyclists participate in 26th annual Trail of Tears

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WATERLOO, AL. – Motorcycle enthusiasts were out in force for the 26th annual Trail of Tears motorcycle ride Saturday.

It’s a tradition that recognizes the Native Americans who were moved along the Trail of Tears. Thousands of motorcyclists began the nearly two hundred mile trek from Bridgeport to Waterloo, but many stopped for a pit stop party at the Redstone Harley-Davidson Dealership in Limestone County.

The AL-TN Trail of Tears Corridor Association Vice President Rodney Wheeler said this ride has had an immense impact on historical research.

“It’s been brought back into a lot of the history books and information that wasn’t really there when we were trying to do our research. All the donations were a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization. Everything we do goes back into promoting the ride, going to scholarships, markers, historical preservation.”

After arriving in Waterloo, riders were welcomed to an array of events including a three-day pow-wow that continues through tomorrow.

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