4-year-old rides his bike to fight cancer

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GURLEY, Ala. — Four-year-old Billy Kindred has only been riding his bike without training wheels for two months. Unlike most kids his age,   he’s using his new-found freedom on the bike to do good for others by participating in the Great Cycle Challenge.

Sadly, nearly 16,000 American children are diagnosed with cancer every year. The Great Cycle Challenge is a fundraiser during the month of June where people of all ages across the country pledge miles and get sponsors to raise money for childhood cancer research.

For Billy, it all started when his family was visiting Birmingham and he noticed a hospital with a playground.

“We talked about how it was the children’s hospital, and I asked him if he’d like to help get some medicine for the kids who can’t afford it,” said Billy’s mom, Hayley Kindred. “And I told him he could do that by riding his bike and he got really excited about that.”

Billy loves to ride, and he rides, along with his whole family, several times a week.

“When I run, he rides,” Kindred said. “He usually gets about a mile and half to two miles three or four times a week.”

Billy tracks his miles using an app on his mom’s phone.

“He’ll stop and he’ll say, ‘Mom show me that app! How much money did I earn for the kids today?'”

Billy has pledged to ride 25 miles, and understands the more he rides, the more he’s helping kids with cancer.

“Then they can get better and go home!” he said.

“I just think it’s really good for him to understand that everybody can do something,” Kindred said. “No matter how small you are.”

Right now Billy’s goal is $750. You can donate to his campaign by checking out his fundraising Facebook page.

If you donate on Wednesday, June 12, all donations will be matched!

The Great Cycle Challenge started in 2015 and has raised $4,754,354 by over 80,000 riders biking for over 1,500,000 miles.

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