‘They had 18 hours’: military community says troops need public support


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT)– Military spouses and veterans say service members need the country’s support more than ever.

After more than 3,000 troops deployed from Fort Bragg, North Carolina with only 18 hours notice Tuesday, Bailey Frint decided to write a message.

“It’s real people that have to say goodbye to their kids, and have 18 hours to talk about their life affairs, who they want to deliver news to their family, and things that you might not really think about, because as a civilian, you don’t have to,” Frint said regarding what inspired her now-viral Facebook post.

The heartfelt post says, “Be considerate. You want something different? Pray. Ask God about it. Don’t go to Facebook to complain about it. Pray. For the military members. For the spouses. For the children. For the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and all family members who may never see their loved one again.”

Frint said she came across several memes and jokes about a possible war with Iran on social media and decided she needed to say something.

“It’s like, people forgot they were real people and forgot that the military doesn’t have a choice. We don’t get to choose where we go. We don’t get to choose when we go, and as a military wife, I’ve had to say goodbye, and I will have to say good bye again,” she said.

Frint’s husband wasn’t among the those deployed in Fort Bragg, but she said she expects he will deploy sometime this year.

Among the 200,000 plus shares, a veteran organization We Are The 22 shared her post and began raising money for vet suicide awareness.

The post raised nearly $13,500 in 24 hours.

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