The Face of Church Street in Downtown Huntsville is Changing, Next May Be Its Name

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church1HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Crews have been working for weeks to change the face of Church Street in Downtown Huntsville to increase the roadway to five lanes.

There is now also a push to rename a portion of the newly constructed roadway.

The new intersection will start at Oakwood Avenue and connect with the existing Church Street at the Interstate 565 interchange.

“We’ve acquired all the properties over the years, the utilities have been relocated so they’re beginning contraction ow on the actual roadway,” says Huntsville Planning Department Director Marie Bostick.

Hundley Drive and Orchard Street will now connect to meet up with Church Street as part of phase one before continuing to Monroe Street in phase two.

“Right now there’s a large curve in Pratt Avenue. that curve is straightened out and the intersection is rebuilt with Church and Pratt and in doing that we also build new bridges across those creeks.”

Obviously when combining two existing roads, another issue presents itself.

“It really doesn’t have a name because part of it was Orchard, part of it was Hundley and now they’re connected.”

Tuesday night Huntsville City Councilman Richard Showers held a meeting at Church Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church to announce his proposal to rename the stretch of new road after Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery.

“An icon,” said Showers, “a beacon – the dean of the civil rights movement and equality for all men.”

If approved, Lowery Street would then become Church Street as it continues downtown.

Showers says the Huntsville Planning Committee will make a recommendation for the road name to the city council who will then vote on the proposal. that process, says Showers, usually take about a month.

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