The “Business” of Donald Trump rallies

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – It’s only fitting that a candidate who likes to tout his business experience, is creating some as a part of his campaign. Dozens of vendors were selling buttons, hats, t-shirts, flags – you name it – in the parking lot of the Madison City Schools Stadium.

Dina Spies, a Donald Trump vendor, says she’s an undecided voter, but “of course today, I am [a supporter].”

Most of the vendors have been following Trump’s campaign since the fall, and while their merchandise isn’t authorized by the candidate, many say they make donations to the campaign to avoid any trouble.

The vendors weren’t the only ones that benefited from the billionaire real-estate investor’s trip to Madison. Chuck Coan, a soccer dad for James Clemens High School, sold bottled water in the parking lot. “Really short notice from the school administrators to run concessions for the event,” explains Chuck. “In a matter of days we got enough water to support 20,000 people, so it was quite a drill.”

All of the proceeds from concession sales benefit the Bob Jones and James Clemens High School boys and girls soccer teams. They also sold food and drinks inside the stadium. “On a high school soccer match, we might make $200, and I suspect today, we’ll probably make $2,000 per program, so 4 to 5 thousand dollars possibly.”

Even the Girl Scouts couldn’t resist ripping out a page of “The Art of the Deal.” Troupe 1922 sold out all of their inventory, during the Trump rally. They say proceeds from the 420 boxes will really support their programs this year.

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