GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — The 2023 turkey hunting season in Tennessee has only been underway for two weekends, and there’s already at least one gobbler worth mentioning by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.

Hunter Cameron Freshour has harvested a seven-bearded turkey in Greene County, according to TWRA.

A beard is a tuft of hair-like strands that grow from a turkey’s chest and can be up to 9 inches long or more for a tom.

The wildlife agency said multiple bearded birds are uncommon with less than 10% having more than one beard.

Freshour’s gobbler had over 46 inches of beard, weighed around 18.5 lbs with 1.16″ spurs.

While TWRA said they don’t keep turkey records, they pointed to the National Wild Turkey Federation that does. According to the NWTF, a turkey with 13 beards holds the world record.

Tennessee’s turkey season started April 15, two weeks later than normal. Other changes that were made this year include a new bag limit of two birds instead of three and only one can be a juvenile or jake.