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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A judge has given new orders to a suspect accused in the murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph.

On Tuesday, suspect Justin Johnson’s phone privileges were revoked by Judge Lee Coffee after Johnson released a controversial song while in custody. His writing and visitation privileges were also revoked.

“I am ordering that Mr. Johnson not be allowed to use a phone or have any visitation privileges unless it is his attorney because of that inappropriate recording that he allegedly released and recorded while he was in jail,” Judge Coffee said.

Johnson, whose rap name is “Straight Drop”, uploaded the song on YouTube titled “No Statements” earlier this month. The artwork says the song was recorded over the phone inside 201 Poplar.

“If a judge finds a defendant is using his phone privileges or his visitation privileges or whatever else to create a problem, a lot of time there is a danger that is being created to witnesses. Judges have the decision to suspend privileges like that,” Prosecutor Paul Hagerman said.

Hagerman doesn’t think anything in the song can be used against him in the trial.

Judge Coffee gave the orders while the fourth suspect in the case, Jermarcus Johnson, made his first appearance in criminal court Tuesday.