LINCOLN COUNTY, TN. (WHNT) — The fallout continues for Brown-Forman corporation and Jack Daniels after a Lincoln County judge issued an order that will halt the construction of new whiskey barrel storage warehouses. 

A lawsuit filed by resident Christi Long, whose business and home are just yards from the barrel houses found that Jack Daniels was operating the new warehouses without a valid building permit. 

The issue here, as we have been reporting, is the whiskey fungus that exhumes from the nine storage houses. and the health and financial worries that have come with owning a home or a business next to those warehouses.

On Thursday Brown-Forman notified the zoning and planning commission that they are removing their request for a building permit. Patrick Long told News 19 that another homeowner will also file a lawsuit against Jack Daniels as early as Tuesday of next week.  

“We are going to re-submit another lawsuit on Tuesday so it will be the exact same lawsuit. She is going to be the plaintiff this time and the judge should be able to return a rather quick verdict,” said Long. “He stated in his ruling was the only reason he didn’t rule on all the barrel houses was because of our standing versus their standing in the community.”

Long says his neighbor’s family has owned a barn near the warehouses for over a century and she’s been there most of her life.  

Brown-Forman and Jack Daniels has refused to comment on the legal issue.