LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) — A recent opioid-related lawsuit saw 95 counties in Tennessee receive a combined $31 million in settlement funds. The Lincoln County Commission recently approved its first round of direct payments.

Tennessee is just one of several states that joined in on lawsuits against companies that were behind opioid manufacturing and prescription.

Johnson and Johnson, along with Walgreens, paid out a $31 million settlement to the state of Tennessee.

Lawsuit funds will be distributed through the Tennessee Opioid Abatement Council. The collection was established to design a framework for how to best spend dollars from opioid-related lawsuits.

Lincoln County is set to receive nearly $150,000 from the Opioid Abatement Trust Fund.

Lincoln County Mayor Bill Newman says they plan to use some of the funds towards a program to help young adults struggling with drug addiction.

“Helping with the youth that has had some kind of problem that went through the court system. It’s actually a six-week program trying to help them and their parents get resolved a real difficult problem,” Newman told News 19.

While not as large as the initial payout, for the next 18 years, an annual payout will be distributed through the Abatement Trust Fund, which the mayor believes is significant.

“Reoccurring funds sure help to set up a program over a period of time that can make a difference,” Newman said.