Frozen pipes a possibility heading into Friday, officials say

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. — Emergency officials warn that regardless of snowfall Thursday, icy conditions could take a toll on water pipes as the temperature falls.

“It’s frigid out here but we’re not having any issues. That could change in the blink of an eye,” Joe Holmes of Decatur Utilities said.

With the temperatures still dropping it might be a good idea to take some action around your house.

“Leave the water dripping just a little bit, that will keep the water moving just a bit in the pipes. Put those foam insulating covers across all your faucets. Make sure your foundation vents are closed.”

But if things do go wrong and a pipe bursts?

“They need to get that water off at their main cutoff valve very quickly because that can cause a lot of damage in a hurry,” Holmes said. “If they don’t have a water cutoff or can’t find it then we can come cut it off at the meter.”

Lincoln County Volunteer Fire Chief and county EMA director Doug Campbell said his office will keep an eye on that risk going into Friday.

“If you’ve got a hose that’s hooked up where you washed the car maybe when it was 70 degrees two days ago you might want to make sure that hose us undone and that line is drained,” Campbell said. “(Residents) need to make sure their vents are closed up, pets are inside and taken care of, and taken out of the weather. But those will definitely be a problem.”

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