FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) — Crews with Fayetteville Public Utilities are heading down south to some of the worst hit areas from Tropical Storm Ian.

According to General Manager Britt Dye, half the fleet of cherry pickers and other trucks exited the FPU facility on Market Street just after 5:30 a.m. Thursday with a final destination set for Okefenokee, Florida.

The seven workers making the trip reportedly volunteered to help and are eager to assist those devastated and without electricity.

“(Floridians) got a lot of lines down,” FPU foreman Tim Shelton said. Shelton said he’s been on more than a dozen of these trips throughout his time working for the city.

“You see different stuff when you go on trips like this. You see how other people do it. It’s good for the young boys (who are traveling) to see different stuff. They just enjoy working. They enjoy going.”

The crew is expected to work 16-hour days if not more, according to Dye.

“It means a lot to our men to do that. It means a lot to FPU,” Dye told News 19. We’re just glad to support the other co-ops to get the power restored. All they wanna do is work and help people. You know, that’s our main goal, is work and help people.”

Huntsville Utilities also announced Wednesday it’s sending eight of its workers to an area in Florida yet to be determined.