Teen credits helmet with preventing further injury in nasty ATV accident

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HULACO, Ala. (WHNT) - Four-wheeling is bound to be in the top five summer activities around these parts, especially in more rural areas. But as we know, it can also be a dangerous hobby.

As with any riding activity, helmets can save lives -- perhaps no one knows that better than a young man we spoke with in Marshall County Tuesday.

The photos of Logan Bunney's injuries in the hospital Monday look like ligature marks documented at a gruesome crime scene. But they happened because of a leisurely ATV ride on a country road in Hulaco.

It could have been much worse.

When 14-year-old Logan told ER doctors he was in fact wearing a helmet during his accident, "They said good thing you did because if you didn't you probably wouldn't have a face," Logan recounted.

Monday afternoon, Bunney says he got bored with swimming at his grandmother's and got permission to take a quick ride on his 4-wheeler. He wasn't being reckless; riding in daylight in an area he knew well.

"And I took this turn right here with a little bit of speed and this loose gravel just slipped out from under my 4-wheeler and I couldn't stop and I slammed into this fence and got my 4-wheeler stuck and cut myself up."

Logan's family was naturally much more concerned with the latter. The teen skidded directly into taut barbed wire. He put his arm up trying to block his face and his head gear kept the razor-sharp wire from slicing any further. Logan is out of the hospital and taking it easy for now, but bringing a strong message to his peers and anyone else who'll listen.

"I definitely want other people to know that helmets do save people and if it wasn't for my helmet I probably wouldn't be standing here."

The accident heavily damaged the ATV, so no more riding any time soon -- Logan's mom says she's just fine with that.

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