Technology experts discuss the growing digital transition in the classroom

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A lot of changes have been happening in the Huntsville City School System.  Recently the schools implemented a digital education system and have begun to phase out the use of textbooks.  This new strategy has left a lot of parents and some teachers with strong feelings about what is happening in the education system.  This week Athens State University faculty members Dr. Kim Roberts of the College of Business and Mark Gale, Director of Academic Technology, stopped by WHNT News 19 to give their expert opinions about digital technology in the classrooms.

Huntsville City Schools are leading the state towards a digital conversion.  Dr. Roberts feels that Huntsville has a good start on doing this conversion the right way.   “A lot of school systems that try to implement cold turkey, we’re doing away with paper textbooks, haven’t been as successful. But because they did it over a four-year period to address concerns, to hear the voice of their stake holders, I think they did it in the right way.”

For some people it feels wrong to think about changing up a system that worked in the past.  Mark Gale prefers to read paper copies of books personally, but acknowledges that “There are some situations where the e textbooks actually lend themselves. You can get to the information faster, you can get to it quicker, and you can get supplemental resources…so if I don’t understand a word in a book, I have to go out to a dictionary of something to look it up. Well the e-textbooks I can just tap it, and it gives me the definitions, and I don’t lose the meaning behind the text. So I think there are places where that’s beneficial.”

View our entire conversation with Dr. Kim Roberts and Mark Gale here in four parts:

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