HUNTSVILLE, AL (WHNT) — The U.SSpace & Rocket Center (USSRC) is set to debut two new artifacts in its “Dare to Explore Frontiers of Space” exhibit.

The new and evolving exhibit showcases space exploration technologies, both current and future, for United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Vulcan rocket and Boeing’s Starliner Pressure vessel.

Beginning on Wednesday, visitors will get to see the Starliner Pressure vessel and Vulcan rocket at the USSRC. Leaders from Boeing say the vessel is the foundation of the Starliner program and its being used right now.

“Earlier this year, the world watched as the Starliner docked autonomously with the International Space Station for the first time during our orbital flight test,” said Dr. Michelle Parker, vice president of the space and launch division at Boeing. “[The] objective during that mission [was to prepare] for taking astronauts into space.”

Leaders say the talent in Alabama is key to many space missions.

“We have been to Mars 20 times,” said Tory Bruno, the chief executive officer (CEO) of ULA. “We have launched one hundred and 54 times and never once failed to take our mission to space and we do that with the talent that is right here in Alabama.”

They’re calling it a second golden age. 

“Coming from NASA after a 30-year career, I fully believe that we are in a second golden age of space exploration, and we are doing more today, going more places [and] putting more people in space than we have in decades,” said Dr. Kimberly Robinson, the executive director of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

The Vulcan heavy-lift rocket is also manufactured in Decatur. Much of Boeing’s engineering design work is also done in Huntsville.