HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — There was certainly a celebratory feel to the U.S. Space and rocket center’s Artemis I launch party on Monday morning. It means a lot for the Rocket City, especially for longtime NASA workers like Terri Lovett.

“This is a whole family ordeal,” said Lovett, who attended the watch party with her family. “It affects everything that goes on with family life, and so I wanted to be able to experience it with them as well. Because, well, they’ve been here through the whole thing.”

“So many kids here dressed as astronauts,” said Pat Ammons with the Space and Rocket Center. “People wearing their Artemis shirts. This is our community’s accomplishment.”

While the couple thousand in attendance didn’t get the blastoff they hoped for – the delay is not surprising for retired NASA scientist Richard Hoover.

“This is an incredibly complex rocket with an enormous amount of parts that all have to work perfectly,” Hoover said. “So for it to have gone all flawlessly on the first launch attempt would have been actually far more surprising than to have it scrubbed because of an engine problem.”

Officials at the Space and Rocket Center say they’ll plan another watch party for Friday, a silver lining perhaps that the festivities are now part of Labor Day weekend.

“It’s disappointing, but then there’s always Friday and we’ll have another chance at a launch on Friday,” Hoover continued.

“We’ll be monitoring the news just like everyone else, and if the determination is they’re going to have another try of the launch on Friday, we’ll be back another time an hour before the launch window we’ll open the doors to the Saturn V. Hall,” Ammons concluded.