ALABAMA (WHNT) — A U.S. Space Command General reportedly confirmed to Alabama politicians in D.C. and the Alabama Delegation Wednesday that the state is still ‘the preferred location for SPACECOM headquarters.’

Senators Katie Britt and Tommy Tuberville, as well as Congressman Dale Strong said the Alabama Delegation had a meeting with USSPACECOM Commander General James Dickinson, where they discussed the looming decision on Space Command headquarters.

“Just walked out of a meeting with @US_SpaceCom Commander GEN Dickinson. I was assured by him that he couldn’t envision any circumstance where he wouldn’t recommend Huntsville as the permanent SPACECOM HQ. He had no concerns with the initial decision,” Strong said in a statement following the meeting on Twitter.

In the meeting, all three leaders say Dickinson reiterated that Huntsville deserves to be the permanent location for Space Command headquarters.

“General Dickinson just confirmed to us that the headquarters of U.S. Space Command belongs on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. This is no surprise, because it’s what the facts clearly support. The White House must keep politics out of this. It’s past time for them to do what’s best for our national security,” said Senator Katie Britt.

Huntsville was named a finalist in early 2021. Then, in 2022, the Department of Defense named the city as the “preferred permanent location for U.S. Space Command headquarters.”

Huntsville finished first in both the Air Force’s evaluation phase and the selection phase, while Colorado Springs finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Space Command’s temporary headquarters are currently in Colorado Springs, although Redstone Arsenal is in the running for the permanent headquarters. While Huntsville was named the preference, many in Colorado fought to turn the temporary headquarters into the permanent headquarters.

“Enough is enough, it’s time to bring @US_SpaceCom home to Huntsville,” Tuberville said in a statement on Twitter Wednesday.

An official decision on where the permanent headquarters will be located has still not been made, and for the time being U.S. Space Command remains in Colorado Springs.

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