CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (WHNT) – NASA officials have adjusted the dates for the next cryogenic demonstration test and launch of Artemis I. They are hoping to launch before October.

According to NASA officials, the demonstration test originally scheduled for Sept. 17 will happen no earlier than Wednesday, Sept. 21.

NASA officials are now aiming for a first potential launch attempt on Sept. 27 and a potential second launch attempt on Oct. 2.

The specific times for the potential launch opportunities are below:

  • Sept. 27 – 70 minute launch window opens at 10:37 a.m. CDT, Orion would land on Nov. 5
  • Under review: Oct. 2 – 109 minute launch window opens at 1:52 p.m. CDT, Orion would return to Earth on Nov. 11

The date change comes after a briefing and careful consideration of multiple faculties, including adding more time to prepare the cryogenic demonstration test and even more time to prepare for the launch.

Since the briefing, Artemis I teams repaired the area of the hydrogen leak by reconnecting the ground- and rocket-side plates on the quick disconnect for the fuel feed line. Teams will hold further test to ensure the bond between the two plates is tight.

During the demonstration, Artemis team members will load supercold liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen into the core stage and interim cryogenic propulsion stage of the SLS rocket. This will allow the team to confirm the hydrogen leak has been prepared.

NASA is still waiting on approval from the Eastern Range to extend the time allowed on the launchpad. The Range requires the rocket’s flight termination system to be tested 15 days before launch with a 20-day window before the system’s batteries need to be replaced.

The flight termination system is designed to destroy the vehicle if it veers off course after launch, it is located in the core stage, in an area only accessible from the Vehicle Assembly Building.