CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (WHNT) – The Artemis I rocket will head back to the Vehicle Assembly Building on Friday night to be prepared for launch.

The Space Launch System (SLS), the NASA rocket that will take humans back to the moon, successfully completed the final tests before launching for the first time. The exact rocket to be used for the first Artemis mission will move back to the VAB starting Friday at 5 p.m. CDT.

It will take between eight and 12 hours for the rocket to travel the four-mile journey. Once back at the VAB crews will configure the rocket and Orion spacecraft for launch.

Teams will also work on replacing a seal on a quick disconnect that attaches to the core stage of the rocket from the tail service mast on the mobile launcher and provides liquid hydrogen. During the wet dress rehearsal test a hydrogen leak stopped the launch team from conducting a full test countdown.

Once final servicing and checkouts are finished the rocket will head back out to the pad for launch at the end of August. An exact launch date will not be set until after the hardware associated with the hydrogen leak is replaced.

A live feed of the rocket can be watched on the Kennedy Space Center’s YouTube channel.