HOUSTON, TX (WHNT) — NASA said its mission control center experienced an unexpected data loss between the Orion spacecraft and the agency’s Deep Space Network early Wednesday morning.

NASA said the team at the Johnson Space Center lost all data to and from the spacecraft for 47 minutes at 12:09 a.m. CST while reconfiguring the communication link between Orion and the Deep Space Network, a worldwide network of communication facilities that NASA uses to support interplanetary missions.

The team was able to resolve the issue with a reconfiguration on the ground side.

NASA said the reconfiguration had been done successfully several times over the last few days and the team is currently investigating the cause of the loss of signal.

The agency said engineers are examinint date from the signal loss to help determine what happened and the missions command and data handling office is adding data recording on Orion during the outage to help with the assessment.

NASA said the event did not impact Orion itself and the spacecraft remains in a healthy configuration.

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On Tuesday, Orion hit a milestone on its trip through space by leaving the moon’s gravitational pull. The team at Johnson Space Center also spent time on Tuesday testing important navigation and communication systems on the spacecraft.