Tax Day: Where Does Your Money Go?

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The government deals in money like a beach deals in sand.

It’s hard to comprehend the numbers it throws around, especially when it just keeps growing.

But what if we make it simple? What if you gave the government one-hundred bucks?

Where would it disappear to?

Healthcare spending would take up the most of your Benjamin. You’d spend $25.19 on it.

But defense spending comes in at a very close second. Keeping up our nation’s military would run you $24.79.

To be fair though, that doesn’t even include veteran benefits. Taking care of the troops when they come home seems just as much a part of the defense mission, and veterans benefits account for another $5.44.

So let’s turn to a popular target for cuts in the federal budget — foreign aid.

A lot of people believe the US can’t afford to aid other countries with such a huge amount of debt on the books.

Well, foreign aid only rings up at $0.89 – not enough to massively shift the equation one way or another.

However, local darling NASA does cost a tick less. Its budget would account for $0.64.

The numbers come from the White House, though we found them largely consistent with multiple sources, including the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. provides a tool where you can see where all of your taxes go.

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