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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Three Bridge Street Town Centre establishments are closed and collectively owe more than ten thousand dollars in taxes, according to county records obtained by WHNT News 19.

Madison County Tax Collector Lynda Hall says Watercress Restaurant, The Heritage Club, and Pinz, all located in the Bridge Street Town Centre, are closed and owed business personal property taxes in excess of ten thousand dollars.

Bayer Properties, the company that manages Bridge Street, refused to comment on the closings or the taxes owed to the county, but Madison County Tax Collector Lynda Hall says this is the first time in over a decade her office may be forced to seize property from the businesses and hold a public auction.

Watercress closed overnight leaving patrons with gift cards wondering how they will get a refund. The answering machine inside the darkened restaurant does not give any indication the business is closed. Tax collectors have attempted for over a week to reach the business owner who has not returned their calls or ours.

Pinz, a small bowling alley and bar owes tax money for 2013. The owner has abandoned the equipment inside the building putting it in the possession of the property manager. Hall says Bayer has indicated they will not pay the taxes owed which will force the tax collectors office to seize property from inside Pinz and sell it in a public auction.

Hall says her department legally could seize property from any of the three properties at any point because they were legally past due January 1, 2013.

“We are holding off on seizing property and using that as a last resort because that process is time consuming and costly and we would rather work something out with the owners, it would be in their best interest to pay.

Bayer property management would not comment on the future of the business or address concerns over gift cards being redeemed.