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UPDATE: WHNT News 19 has gotten in contact with Pastor Anderson, who was in charge of Crosspoint Church of Decatur when the trailer was donated. We are working in conjunction with the Morgan County Tag and Title office to get this all resolved as soon as possible.

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – A woman who lost everything in the April 2011 tornadoes could potentially lose her home again, and pay thousands over something that was given to her as a donation.

Katrina Miller is on full state disability after being born totally deaf.

She’s on a fixed income as it is, and is now facing potentially tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes after the state discovered her mobile home was never properly registered.

A Decatur church donated a replacement mobile home, after the April 2011 tornado.

“They brought it out, set it up, it had appliances and bedroom suites, it was a real blessing,” says Caren Stanton, Katrina’s mother.

For the next six years, life marched on, until a notice in the mail brought dark clouds back on the family.

The notice was from the Morgan County Title and Tag office, saying she had to register her mobile home with the state and if she didn’t would owe $30,000 in back taxes.

“I called him and told him what the situation was, that she was deaf and all that and he said, she had to get that or they was gonna fine her,” Caren explains.

Caren says they didn’t realize registration was required but now want to make things right.

The only problem? Under Alabama law, they don’t have the right paperwork to apply for a permit.

“She does have the title to the trailer, she just needs that one piece of paper that says bill of gift,” says Stanton.

The only other individuals who could still have that bill of gift, is the church that donated the home.

Katrina believes the church was Crosspoint Church. When we drove to their address, we found out a new congregation worships in their old building, and that the congregation closed years ago.

With Crosspoint dissolved, even finding out who the family worked with to receive the trailer has been a challenge.

“They couldn’t communicate naturally with my daughter because she’s deaf, they didn’t have no interpreter, so they ended up talking to her ex-husband,” says Stanton.

Katrina’s ex-husband is currently serving a two decade sentence in prison.

“That’s why we can’t get any more information about the trailer because he’s incarcerated for more than 20 years,” she says.

WHNT News 19 spoke to the Deputy Commissioner of the Morgan County Tag and Title Office. She tells us, considering the circumstances, they would accept a statement from someone affiliated with the church to confirm the church is the one who donated it.

Caren is optimistic the dark clouds hovering over her family won’t be around for much longer.

“I’ve had people praying, and I’ve thought, oh I’m never gonna get this done, but I know there’s going to be something good that comes out of this,” she says.


We’ll keep you posted on this. We intend to get results for this family.