Taking Action: Voters Complain of Precinct Problems at Williams School

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Many voters complained Tuesday the polls at Williams School off Zierdt Road in Madison County were difficult to find.

One viewer emailed WHNT News 19 saying she plans to file a formal voter complaint form with the state of Alabama after trouble locating the polling place on the Williams campus.

The anonymous viewer says after years of going to the same location to vote, she always turned off Zierdt Road at the school and immediately turned right into the main front entrance to the school. She says at no place was there signage between Zierdt Road and the school entrance and no one pointing voters to pass the main drive and continue on to a newly constructed road that runs parallel to the Williams baseball field.

The viewer said while in the school parking lot, she called the board of registrars, the probate judge's office and even the school, all who she says passed the buck. She demanded to know who is responsible for making sure polling locations are clearly marked for voters.

WHNT News 19 took the viewer's concern directly to Madison County Probate Judge Tommy Ragland, who accepted responsibility.

"It is not our goal to confuse or waste the time of the voter," said Ragland. "I am going to have my staff go to Williams School and we will fix up a sign that clearly describes to the voter where they need to be," pledged the probate judge in an interview Wednesday.

Ragland noted part of the problem may have been that signs directing voters were lost along Barren Fork Boulevard amid a sea of campaign signs. Ragland says he and his staffers will even consider making larger customized signs for the location so the 'voting ahead' signs stand out against all the rest. Ragland ensured WHNT News 19 the ambiguity would not be an issue for runoff races or the general election in November.

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