Taking Action to fix a woman’s leaky roof

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ELGIN, Ala. - This next story shows when it comes to home repairs, sometimes you can't even trust your friends. Jacqueline Carter learned that lesson the hard way when she hired a family friend to repair her leaky roof. Now, he has her money and she still has a leaky roof.

It all started back in the spring when a severe thunderstorm rolled through the Elgin community in Lauderdale County. Jacqueline Carter hired a guy she thought she could trust.

It was a pretty bad hail storm that caused the damage to Jacqueline's roof. Her son came in and nailed some wood up to cover the hole in her kitchen ceiling. This was supposed to be just temporary until the roof and ceiling could both be repaired. Her insurance covered the damages.

“They sent her a check and a good buddy of mine, which I thought he was, come up here, looked at the roof, said he could fix it,” Jacqueline’s son Brad Carter explained. He added, “Mama went ahead and paid him $2,500 to do the job. We still have yet to see him."

The guy they hired was someone Brad says he had known for most of his life, Brock Butler. The Carters even have a work order they say Brock wrote out acknowledging the $2,500 payment. That was June the 11th. So far, no repairs. The roof still leaks. There are new water stains on the ceiling as the damage just gets worse.

“And now you got mold growing, and that's not good,” Brad says.

Jacqueline says she never expected this. She says Brock had done work on the house before.

“I just can't understand why. I mean, he's a good friend of the family. He went to school with my son, been in this house so many times,” Jacqueline told us.

She’s worried. Her granddaughter and great-grandson live with her and she's afraid the mold could make them sick. And each time it rains, the damage just gets worse.

We got in touch with Butler Wednesday night. He readily acknowledged it's been three months since he was hired to do the job. He says the Carters knew he had several other jobs in line ahead of theirs. Butler says he has already purchased the materials to repair Mrs. Carter's roof and he promised us the work will be completed within the next two weeks.

Mrs. Carter told me she had hired him several years ago to do some work on the house, and says he does great work.

Butler tells us he deeply regrets the situation has gone this far and says he hopes to be able to mend the differences that might now exist between him and the Carters. He says he and Brad, have been friends since they were youngsters. We also hope they can work things out. Meanwhile, we’ll keep checking in with them and let you know what happens.

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