Taking Action: Tips for Women to Avoid Assaults

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Two attacks in two weeks in Huntsville. More and more women are targets for crime and aggression.

But they aren't completely defenseless. Bud Johnson teaches self defense classes for ladies. His goal is to teach women to act fast, not think.

"In a moment of stress and anxiety, thinking goes fuzzy and we do what we're trained to do," Johnson says.

He offers some cheap and simple tactics to keep women safe in any kind of situation where they may otherwise be in danger:

  • Wear a purse that goes across your body, not over your shoulder.
  • Have a can of hornet or wasp spray -- it sprays further than pepper spray and can take down a linebacker.
  • Walk with your hand inside your purse, so you can grab that spray as fast as possible.
  • Other simple weapons to keep in your purse: A screwdriver, scissors, or even a pencil.
  • Walk with scissors dangling in your hands, no one will think anything but the potential attacker.
  • Keep pepper spray or a small pocket knife on your keys, and hold them as though you're ready to attack.
  • Buy a small gun, one that can clip to your bra, and aim for the groin area.


Johnson says it all depends on how far you're willing to go to protect yourself. "Some lady might want to carry a gun another might want to carry a knife. You can even carry a pencil, you can carry some things on a key chain. It just depends on your mentality and what you're willing to do to try to protect yourself."

Attacks on women are something we see all the time. The latest instance was Wednesday night.

Huntsville Police say Kenja Lyons was sitting in her car when a man threatened her at gunpoint, demanding her phone. We spoke with Lyons on the phone. She says the man threatened to kill her and asked her if she wanted to die.

Luckily, she slammed on the car horn and the man ran away. Lyons posted a Facebook post letting people know how thankful she was to be alive, and that people shouldn't let their guards down, even in the car. She wants to warn people to be careful on their smartphones, and always be on the lookout.

Johson says in many situations, it comes down to the weapons you carry and how you carry them. "Unless it's a real professional, which most of them aren't, a good appearing defense mechanism is going to make him go."

It's not a training session to kill anyone, just hurt them. The attacker won't leave you alone until they have a reason.

If you're interested in attending one of Johnson's self defense classes, click here.


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