TAKING ACTION: Thief takes thousands of dollars worth of Madison County man’s construction equipment

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HARVEST, Ala. -  It's very frustrating when people take what isn't their's, especially when it is belongings someone depends on to make a living. Someone stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment from a construction trailer parked at the Church of Christ on Kelly Spring Road on Saturday morning.

That is where Jason Scott is working on a project for the church. Scott said this issue is putting him behind schedule.

"I should have been out of here no later than Monday evening or Tuesday morning," Scott said. "I'm still here on Thursday.

Some unforeseen circumstances put a wrench in his plans.

"Somebody sent me a picture of the door being opened and said, 'Hey this don't look good, you might want to check it out,'" Scott said.

When Scott went to the church on Saturday, he found is a half empty trailer.

"I was kind of shocked with everything that was gone," Scott said.

The church's surveillance camera captured footage of the thief. It appears this crime started in the neighbor's driveway. Someone gets out of the car, comes around the bend and heads straight for Scott's trailer.

Then, the person tries to open the back door of the trailer before moving to the side door. Minutes later, he's seen carrying something away from the trailer.


"Got five nail guns, a staple gun that we use to shoot our decking and stuff off with," Scott said of what the thief took. He also said the person got away with his compressor at 5:14 a.m.

"My compressor sits back here and its, well the compressor is about that long. I mean it's heavy," Scott said while showing the inside of his unit.

The theft is also putting a heavy burden on Scott's business.

"I can't even work all my guys, I mean, I don't have enough tools for them to use," Scott explained. "I've got another job waiting on us to start right now. and just for me to go start that job I mean, I'd have to go buy another compressor and two or three nail guns."

Scott hopes someone in the community can help the Madison County Sheriff's Office close this case. He has filed a police report.

If you know anything that could help them find the perpetrator, call deputies at (256)722-7181.

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