Taking Action: Air Conditioning Unit Stolen from Community Drumline Center

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- An almost 8 ton air conditioner unit is missing from the Huntsville Community Drumline building on Jordan Lane. The building is home to the "Stickmasters," a group of 5th through 9th graders who practice in the metal building. Without air conditioning for their practices, it's getting tough on the group.

"The guy that comes to cut my grass called me and he said, 'Mrs. Walker, someone stole your air conditioning unit and I'm thinking, no, nobody does that," said Angela Walker, the founder of the Huntsville Community Drumline. But they did, and practicing without air conditioning during the month of June in the south is definitely not a walk in the park. Walker told WHNT News 19 that the community has been great and continue to drop off Gatorade and water for the group. She is trying to let the group see the positivity in the situation.

"I guess its restoring their sense of faith in humanity that while there are some evil thieves out there who have our air conditioning unit and our parts, there are still people willing to show us love," said Walker.

The organization is a non-profit and is strictly donor driven. They have insurance that will replace the unit but the $1,000 deductible is out of reach. If you would like to help the group out, you can do so here or contact them at (256) 430-5566.

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