Sweater company lets consumers keep track of sheep their wool came from

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It may look like a regular sweater, but these wool garments are designed to outlive the sheep they come from.

Edzard van der Wyck is the man behind the sweaters. Available in only one style and five colors, he says he's fighting "fast fashion," a trend where clothing is worn a handful of times and then thrown out.

''We wanted to create a really kind of classic design," he says, "so it's not something that has a shelf life. It's not something that'll be out of fashion in a year's time.''

The brand is called Sheep Included, or Sheep Inc. for short. True to the name, livestock really are part of the purchase. By scanning a tag, customers get updates on their animal as it moves farms or has lambs. They can trace the wool's international trek from pasture to person - beginning in New Zealand to customers worldwide. "As your sweater gets older and it becomes a more permanent part of your wardrobe, it's nice to have this access to this information," van der Wyck says.

The company's approach to sustainability is also unique. The brand claims to be carbon negative. "We dedicate 5% of our revenue to carbon offsetting projects that basically offset the impact of every single sweater ten-fold," says van der Wyck. Sheep Inc. hopes other businesses follow its lead and find eco-friendly to be a good fit. But for now, it's just a simple sweater company going against the herd.

The sweaters retail for more than $200 and are sold online around the world.

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